• Site Remediation: LSRP 101

    Robert Zelley, PG, LSRP

    It’s no secret that when a NJ property requires remediation, it can get complicated. As a responsible party you need to be informed of the process enough to make educated decisions, and that starts with selecting a NJ Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) who you can rely upon to help keep your project moving forward without ... Read More

  • Open Input for an Open Space Plan

    Mallory Reardon

    When municipalities pursue improvement projects within their communities, decisions about the type, size, and cost of these projects are often made in closed meetings among elected officials. Despite their efforts to make the best decisions they can for their constituents, sometimes projects are built that do not maximize opportunity and usage. ... Read More

  • Seminar Sparks Rethinking Curve Number Rainfall-Runoff Method

    Maraliese Beveridge

    The USDA NRCS Curve Number Method (CN Method) is an application used to provide guidance to design engineers in calculating single event rainfall-runoff volumes that was originally developed in the mid-1950s for agricultural uplands and overland flow. Over time, the CN Method has become entrenched with governmental agencies and private entities dealing with hydrology and embedded in flood control, environmental impact, and sediment-erosion modeling methodologies... ... Read More

  • Elizabeth Makes a Splash

    Elizabeth Bell

    There is something special about jumping into a nice, cold pool during an especially hot day. And if there is one community that feels the heat this time of year, it’s the densely populated City of Elizabeth, NJ. The Erxleben Recreation Complex is one of the few pools the City has for relaxation and amusement. ... Read More

  • Greetings from The Asbury Hotel!

    Mallory Reardon

    The Asbury, the first hotel to open in the City of Asbury Park in over 50 years, began business in May 2016. This new venue has residents and visitors alike feeling that substantive change is underway in Asbury Park. Located just one block from the seaside City’s famous boardwalk, the hotel features a sunlit lobby; music-themed bar; outdoor pool and beer garden; and 5,500 SF of indoor/outdoor meeting and event space. The building’s rooftop hosts a garden with ocean views; the 4,300 SF Baronet Theater with Astroturf field and a 20-ft tall screen for movie viewing; and a 4,000 SF cocktail lounge. ... Read More

  • STOP In! CHARGE Your Car! SHOP Our Downtown!

    Ryan Nolan

    In Manasquan, New Jersey, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the new kid in town! While not every car manufacturer has a fully-electric model, EVs have become increasingly popular as more companies hop on the bandwagon trying to reduce the global carbon footprint, and EVs are a step in the right direction. According to Edmunds.com, “…at least 18 new car and SUV models with rechargeable battery packs are coming into the US market over the next three years, increasing demand for access to public chargers.” ... Read More