• Elizabeth Makes a Splash

    Elizabeth Bell

    There is something special about jumping into a nice, cold pool during an especially hot day. And if there is one community that feels the heat this time of year, it’s the densely populated City of Elizabeth, NJ. The Erxleben Recreation Complex is one of the few pools the City has for relaxation and amusement. ... Read More

  • Greetings from The Asbury Hotel!

    Mallory Reardon

    The Asbury, the first hotel to open in the City of Asbury Park in over 50 years, began business in May 2016. This new venue has residents and visitors alike feeling that substantive change is underway in Asbury Park. Located just one block from the seaside City’s famous boardwalk, the hotel features a sunlit lobby; music-themed bar; outdoor pool and beer garden; and 5,500 SF of indoor/outdoor meeting and event space. The building’s rooftop hosts a garden with ocean views; the 4,300 SF Baronet Theater with Astroturf field and a 20-ft tall screen for movie viewing; and a 4,000 SF cocktail lounge. ... Read More

  • STOP In! CHARGE Your Car! SHOP Our Downtown!

    Ryan Nolan

    In Manasquan, New Jersey, Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the new kid in town! While not every car manufacturer has a fully-electric model, EVs have become increasingly popular as more companies hop on the bandwagon trying to reduce the global carbon footprint, and EVs are a step in the right direction. According to Edmunds.com, “…at least 18 new car and SUV models with rechargeable battery packs are coming into the US market over the next three years, increasing demand for access to public chargers.” ... Read More

  • Managing Transportation Assets with Enterprise GIS (eGIS)

    Maser Consulting

    Every organization has some method of managing their assets in place. Enterprise GIS (eGIS) programs are highly configurable to your specific needs facility-wide, are easy to use, extremely effective and may even integrate into existing software applications that you already have. ... Read More

  • Liberty State Park Terminal Re-Opens: Continued Wharf Reconstruction Won’t Interfere with Ferry Rides!

    Maraliese Beveridge

    Jersey City's day-long Freedom & Fireworks Festival at Liberty State Park celebrated on Independence Day last week was a milestone in the history of the park as it also marked the reopening of the Park’s Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal (CRRNJ) that sustained severe damage from SuperStorm Sandy’s 11 ft. storm surge in 2012. The $20 million project to restore this iconic brick building has given it a new lease on life more than 125 years after the terminal was initially finished. ... Read More

  • Simple Solutions: On a Roll with the Hippo Water Roller!

    Mallory Reardon

    With the summer's first official heat wave upon the northeast, it’s difficult to imagine that everyone doesn’t have the option to cool off with a cold glass of water right from the convenience of their own homes. Yet, one of the toughest issues often facing developing countries today is the lack of access to clean water. Needed for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and drinking, residents spend hours each day just getting water to their homes to use as a basic resource ... Read More