Powering Our Future


The ability to place generated power onto the grid or take power from the grid is a complex, highly technical process requiring specialized knowledge and experience. Our technical professionals and engineers regularly work through this process on behalf of our clients and bring our development and high-voltage electrical engineers’ experience to each project. A key requirement to a successful project is an understanding of each Independent System Operator/Regional Transmission Operator’s process as well as that of the impacted Transmission Owner. Our team successfully navigates the technical, regulatory, and bureaucratic process so your project interconnects with the grid in a successful, timely, and economical manner.

Transmission & Distribution

Our professionals provide a full array of services to the T&D industry including transmission line siting and design and complete support for transmission tower design including structural and civil engineering with a focus on foundation and geotechnical analysis. We support projects between 69 kV to 765 kV and offer the ability to design distribution systems for underground networks or aerial configurations. Our distribution experience is from 4.8 kV to 34.5 kV. With significant expertise in underground collection systems, we also support renewable and wind projects with their systems from the base of a Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) to the substation.