• Where’s Wygant?

    Maraliese Beveridge

    GEOSPATIAL MAN-ON-THE-MOVE Clay Wygant. Mobile Mapping Extraordinaire. Take a good look at his picture because scanning a million points per second makes Wygant so fast you may never catch up with him! LiDAR. Light Detection and Ranging. The same technology that helps cops catch speeders, is now being used to collect mega survey data for terrain, ... Read More

  • Mapping the Last Frontier

    Elizabeth Bell

    Alaska, the largest state in the U.S., spanning 663,268 square miles, offers a diverse landscape of deep valleys and rigid mountains, traversed by rivers, speckled with lakes and teeming with wildlife. The State has some of the longest days and nights during the summer and winter solstices and is an ideal spot to view the ... Read More