• Mobile LiDAR Applications for Pavement Projects

    highway lidar scan
    Alexis Eades

    Why Mobile LiDAR is Ideal for Mapping Pavement Projects Whether you are changing traffic flow at an intersection or working on a highway, pavement projects involving roadway corridors require engineers to understand the features and conditions they are working with. Using Mobile LiDAR for mapping long roadway corridors and associated features is ideal because it ... Read More

  • Advances in Terrestrial Laser Scanning

    Laser scanning model of warehouse
    Alexis Eades

    Terrestrial laser scanning aims to capture reality at a rate of up to two million points per second. From its inception to this very moment, it has improved at lightning speed. The training time required, complexity of the technology used, accuracy, field of view, cost, and possibilities of what laser scanning can be used for ... Read More

  • Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Image of a gavel
    Alexis Eades

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Woman, Judge, Inspiration “I surely would not be in this room today without the determined efforts of men and women who kept dreams of equal citizenship alive in days when few would listen. People like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Harriet Tubman come to mind. I stand on the shoulders ... Read More

  • How Commercial Development Can Increase Tax Rateables

    Picture of construction site with the text "Increasing Tax Rateables"
    Elizabeth Bell

    COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives. With staggering rates of unemployment, some states still shut down and the threat of a second wave, many entities are looking for ways to boost their local economies. One group working to develop a strong tax base is the Alliance for Balanced Growth (ABG). The ABG is ... Read More