• Avoiding Burnout…Am I Doing This Right?

    Brain that looks tired
    Alexis Eades

    I have a friend (I’m not just saying that, I swear!) who gets overwhelmed and stressed out really easily. When we were in school, one additional piece of homework seemed to affect her more than it did me.  Even now in our post-grad first jobs, she seems to struggle with stress in a very different ... Read More

  • Using UAS for Pipeline Projects

    aerial lidar scan
    Alexis Eades

     Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, can carry scanners that perform safe, cost-efficient, and fast LiDAR data collection. UAS LiDAR systems are particularly useful for scanning pipeline projects because of its unique features: small, unmanned, and maneuverable. This is especially true when comparing it to using aerial LiDAR performed by using a manned aircraft. ... Read More