• Safety by Design

    Job Site Safety

    A Near Miss Today Could be an Injury Tomorrow! Featured in the November issue of Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine, Lisa DeBenedetto, Health & Safety Manager for Maser Consulting, discusses how the firm's safety plan is designed to meet their specific field activities. "Because Maser Consulting is a multi-discipline engineering firm, we have field staff working within a wide variety of job site environments performing very specific tasks. Our goal was to minimize our potential for safety violations through a system of on-site self-governance that we developed from the ground-up."
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  • The Licensed Site Remediation Professional Program

    New Jersey Business

    More contaminated properties are being cleaned…and faster! Nearly 13,800 New Jersey property sites are currently being remediated, in various stages, from contamination due to impacted soil, groundwater or vapors…
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  • Property Recycling – Biggest Brownfield in New Jersey

    Civil & Structural Engineer

    Most New Jerseyans still remember the iconic Dutch Boy Paint sign on the National Lead site as you drove over the southbound side of the Garden State Parkway bridge. The huge unassuming Dutch Boy hovering over a celluloid lake was hard to miss.
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  • Brownfield Redevelopment: Transforming Contaminated Properties into Ratables

    Commerce Magazine

    Maser Consulting was hired by Northvale Borough to implement the redevelopment of the Tect/Danzig brownfield site for the construction of a 24,500 sf commercial building for Inserra Supermarkets.
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