• Safety by Design

    Job Site Safety

    A Near Miss Today Could be an Injury Tomorrow! Featured in the November issue of Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine, Lisa DeBenedetto, Health & Safety Manager for Maser Consulting, discusses how the firm's safety plan is designed to meet their specific field activities. "Because Maser Consulting is a multi-discipline engineering firm, we have field staff working within a wide variety of job site environments performing very specific tasks. Our goal was to minimize our potential for safety violations through a system of on-site self-governance that we developed from the ground-up."
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  • ENR NY: Advancing Rail Technologies

    Innovation, Automation & Preservation Advancing Technologies to Keep Rail & Transit Moving!  Thomas Reed, PLS, Geographic Discipline Leader for Maser Consulting’s Freight and Transit Services talks with ENR New York about tunnel clearance, track alignment and improving rideability.
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  • 3D Overnight: Safer Rail Corridor Survey Using Mobile LiDAR

    xyHt Magazine

    An old section of the Pennsylvania railroad called the Arsenal Interlocking is now one of the busiest segments of rail for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) regional rail system. A high volume of trains operates in this territory due to the confluence of rail lines used by SEPTA, Amtrak, and various freight rail operators.
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  • Century Old Rail Tunnel’s Life Extended Through the Use of New Technology

    LiDAR News

    The Stuart Tunnel in the pastoral town of Paw Paw, West Virginia, is not unlike any other freight train tunnel in eastern United States that is beginning to show its age. Built in 1914 using a drill and blast method with brick and mortar filling, years of weather, usage, and maintenance have taken a collective toll
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  • Workin’ on the Railroad

    Point of Beginning Magazine

    While there are many technologies and services used to acquire critical data associated with railways and their rights-of-ways, some can be cumbersome and require logistical challenges that can increase risk to track workers.
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