• Tax Maps: From Fabric to Digital Mapping

    NJ map
    Amanda Paton

    The first tax mapping originated in the 1670s in Boston where the assessors listed assets and value. In the early stages of development, these maps detailed the metes and bounds of each property. They were drawn manually and many times were printed on animal skin (vellum) or linen fabric...Today, the use of digital tax mapping performed with Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CADD) and more recently, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), has advanced the tax map system in both practicality and accuracy.
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  • GIS to the Rescue!

    GIS to the Rescue, as seen in the August issue of Civil + Structural Engineer Magazine. One of our GIS specialists, Sam Firmenich is in the field gathering real-time data on a stormwater conveyance system for a municipality's GIS asset management program.
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  • Sue Zitzman CIO Applications Magazine Feature!

    Our resident GIS expert Suzanne Zitzman, GISP is at it again! Read her latest story in CIO APPLICATIONS Magazine about Optimizing Asset Management Using GIS!
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  • Manage Your Assets from Paper to Digital: One Step at a Time

    NJ Effluents Magazine

    Fresh off the press in NJWEA’s Effluents Magazine’s most recent issue (Vol. 49 Issue No. 1 2016), the article, Manage Your Assets from Paper to Digital: One Step at a Time by our resident GIS specialist Suzanne Zitzman, GISP, targets how one municipal sewer authority solved the age-old problem of asset management using GIS.
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  • GIS: The “GO TO” for Asset Management

    As new technology continues to explode, asset managers have moved toward implementing web-based, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a solution to help oversee their assets.
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  • Keeping in Touch With Your Community Through Technology

    Talk of Towns & Topics

    Over the past two years, the northeastern states have experienced more than their share of naturally occurring disasters. Giant storms including the likes of Hurricane Irene (2011), Super Storm Sandy (2012), and other rogue storms, have wreaked havoc on communities bringing severe and widespread destruction to roads, properties, utilities, and other infrastructures due to damaging
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