• Avoiding Burnout…Am I Doing This Right?

    Brain that looks tired
    Alexis Eades

    I have a friend (I’m not just saying that, I swear!) who gets overwhelmed and stressed out really easily. When we were in school, one additional piece of homework seemed to affect her more than it did me.  Even now in our post-grad first jobs, she seems to struggle with stress in a very different ... Read More

  • Engineering a Safe Back to School

    Vector image of online learning and masked students
    Alexis Eades

    Engineering a New Normal It’s the end of September, and the past month has been very different for everyone. Across the country, schools have not agreed whether to be online, in-person, or hybrid. Each district has chosen a different path. Public, private, K-12, university, every school is dealing with the uncertainty that has become such ... Read More

  • A Tribute to One in a Million

    Headshot of Sam Baratou
    Alexis Eades

    Who He Is Introducing Elhosein “Sam” Baratou, a man who has shown dedication, passion, and commitment throughout his career and is about to retire. He’s brought his industry knowledge, reputation, and grit to Maser Consulting. Sam Baratou has over 25 years of experience in Geotechnical and construction quality assurance and materials testing, the last ten ... Read More

  • Growth Through Change

    Vector graphic of professionals moving forward in their careers through change
    Alexis Eades

    You might remember feeling a little melancholy on the last day of school as a kid, knowing that your time with that teacher and class was ending. You might have felt nervous the night before your first day in your job, or on your wedding day, or about all the changes that COVID sparked. The ... Read More

  • Working from Home…Am I Doing This Right?

    Cartoon woman working from home wearing professional attire and pjs
    Alexis Eades

    Before COVID-19, working from home was not the norm for most employees at Maser. Some may have longed for the chance to sleep in an extra hour or avoid that hectic commute. But no one could have imagined that we would all be forced to work from home for such a long time or the ... Read More

  • Forming Dynamic Partnership with Colliers International

    Image reads Expanding Our Capabilities
    Maser Consulting

    We recently announced that we’ve formalized an agreement selling a controlling share of Maser Consulting to Colliers International. Colliers is a leading global commercial real estate services and investment management firm and this partnership has created some very exciting opportunities for both companies. Please continue reading to find out what it means for all of us moving forward! ... Read More