• Working from Home…Am I Doing This Right?

    Cartoon woman working from home wearing professional attire and pjs
    Alexis Eades

    Before COVID-19, working from home was not the norm for most employees at Maser. Some may have longed for the chance to sleep in an extra hour or avoid that hectic commute. But no one could have imagined that we would all be forced to work from home for such a long time or the ... Read More

  • Working with the Big Wigs and Doing it Right

    Maser Consulting

    In this post of "Am I Doing This Right?," we discuss being thrown in the deep end and left to fend for yourself against the big-wigs at your company! Just kidding... well sort of. To get tips and tricks on how to impress these people, click here! ... Read More

  • Maintaining Relationships at Work – Even Through The Bad Times

    Maser Consulting

    In this blog entry, we discuss maintaining relationships with people who don't make it easy, farmers with guns, and telling coworkers their wrong. Our experts: Public Relations Manager Maraliese Beveridge and Senior Environmental Specialist Alex Ross. Check it out here! ... Read More

  • Client Communication and Doing It Right!

    Maser Consulting

    Communication is Key Everything you do in the workplace results from communication. Whether you want to secure an interview or advance your career, communication is at the heart of it. The tricky part about this whole “communication” thing for us Millennials, is that we HATE talking to people. So, the fact that our careers are ... Read More

  • Mentor Programs and Doing Them Right

    discussing mentoring goals
    Maser Consulting

    Superheroes and Mentors are Basically the Same Thing Remember when you were a kid, you would sit on the floor, your face just inches from the TV, watching your favorite superheroes save the world? You’d think to yourself, “Dang, when I grow up, I want to be JUST LIKE the red Power Ranger.” Adulting is ... Read More

  • Dealing with Technical Difficulties with EIT Shannon Rumage!

    weather the storm
    Maser Consulting

    Dear Diary, I’m back for another entry of “Am I Doing This Right?”. This week we’re talking about technical difficulties and young engineers. As most of you could have guessed, I’m not some brilliant engineer reflecting on the obstacles that made me into the person I am today…I’m just brilliant, and witty. So, while I ... Read More