Maser Consulting offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain real-world knowledge through its Internship and Co-op programs. Our interns and co-ops are paid to work on actual projects alongside professionals in their respective discipline. Programs are available at all locations to students from colleges and universities globally.

As Maser Consulting is doing all it can to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure to employees and their families, potential candidates can expect interviews to be conducted through video. Below are some tips to prepare you for this process.

      • Find a quiet place, free from possible interruptions
      • Make sure you are well-lit by facing a light source such as a window or lamp
      • Ensure your internet connection is stable
      • Check that your computer’s audio is working
      • Test your computer’s webcam
      • Close any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications
      • Dress professionally
      • Have a copy of your resume on your desk
      • Write down any questions you may have
      • Place your phone in silent mode

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