Managing Transportation Assets with Enterprise GIS (eGIS)

By Maser Consulting

Every organization has some method of managing their assets in place. Enterprise GIS (eGIS) programs are highly configurable to your specific needs facility-wide, are easy to use, extremely effective and may even integrate into existing software applications that you already have. Certified GIS professionals are trained to help you sort through the details, perform the necessary assessments and help you make informed decisions in developing the right program for your organization. Asset management is an ongoing task. Taking the time to properly design and implement an eGIS program will maximize your time, budget and workflow and leave you wondering how you previously did without it.

To find out more about eGIS, our own resident expert Suzanne Zitzman, GISP recently authored an article here in 1IT Enterprise Magazine. If you have any questions, she invites you to contact her at or 877-627-3772.

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