• Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom – How Scary is Built

    Maser Consulting

    Our own Rich Maloney, Department Manager for Structural Services, has been providing structural engineering support services for over 100 theme park rides, including five of the top six roller coasters nationwide according to Time Magazine’s “2013 Top Ten Roller Coasters in the US”! He was recently published in the October issue of Civil & Structural Engineer “Zumanjaro: Drop ... Read More

  • Engineers Without Borders

    Mallory Reardon

    At its heart, engineering is a problem-solving profession. Whether a project involves designing a new roadway, repairing a damaged bridge, rehabilitating a building, or searching for ways to utilize alternative energy sources, an engineer’s work often centers on improving communities and the lives of the people within them. With problem-solving and community improvement so essential ... Read More

  • Maser Consulting: Celebrating 30 Years!

    Maraliese Beveridge

    This month marks our 30th Anniversary serving our communities! Congratulations to our CEO Richard Maser! To our Maser Consulting family, we are proud to have you on our team as we start our journey into the next 30 years! ... Read More

  • Environmental Update with Bob Zelley, PG, LSRP

    Robert Zelley, PG, LSRP

    GUIDANCE FOR CONTAMINATED SITE OWNERS The purpose of this entry is to provide regulatory guidance for a Responsible Party of a contaminated site located in New Jersey. The following describes the requirements for project oversight and the retention of a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) as required by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). According ... Read More

  • Where’s Wygant?

    Maraliese Beveridge

    GEOSPATIAL MAN-ON-THE-MOVE LiDAR Mac. Maser Consulting, in conjunction with Radar Awning in Albuquerque, manufacturer of fine awnings and coverings, has developed the RiCover. This unique environmental cover can be affixed to the Reigl VMX 450 scanner within moments of changing weather conditions. Because of its of durable weather-resistant construction and ease of use (in accordance ... Read More

  • Mobile Mapping for Engineering Design

    Maraliese Beveridge

    REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION BY SPAR July 30, 2014 || Mobile mapping systems (MMS) offer many benefits when acquiring very accurate and precise field survey data. One of the biggest benefits offered by mobile mapping is the drastic reduction in exposure of survey field crews to the hazards of a project site and any live traffic ... Read More