• Simple Solutions: New Floors, Fewer Germs

    Mallory Reardon

    A key component of Maser Consulting’s corporate culture supports individuals who use their training and skills in charitable endeavors to improve the lives and communities around them. Our Simple Solutions blog series shines the spotlight on people who share this passion for using their talents to discover easy innovations that positively impact the world. Imagine if one ... Read More

  • Data Fusion & Design/Build–A Recipe for Success!

    Maser Consulting

    “When properly managed and executed [LiDAR technology] can result in safer means of survey data collection, expedited project schedules, extensive datasets for design inquiries, better quality survey deliverables and extreme confidence in the reliability of information…” Leaders in the field of mobile LiDAR, Chad Boggs, PSM and Mike Ehrhart, PSM have teamed up to present ... Read More

  • GIS: Managing Your Assets in Today’s Mobile Environment

    Maraliese Beveridge

    It was only a handful of years ago when infrastructure piping, pumps, signs and electrical systems were managed via cumbersome scaled paper mapping systems. But with today’s digital asset inventory system, that information is available 24/7 right at your fingertips. Paper systems were a good record keeping method in the past but not a convenient ... Read More

  • Geospatial Survey: A Client’s Dream

    Maraliese Beveridge

    The past few years have brought a variety of powerful Hi-Definition Scanning (HDS) technologies to the survey industry that have added an entirely new dimension to the way we acquire survey data and produce deliverables for our clients. Maser Consulting has assembled a Geospatial Dream Team of experts who have become entrenched in the advancements of this equipment and technology, ... Read More

  • Extending Roadway Lifespans with Micro-Surfacing

    Andrew Hipolit

    With another severe winter under our belts, New Jersey’s roadways are emerging from the layers of snow, ice, and salt with the usual signs of damage. Road program budgets are limited, and many communities are left wondering what affordable options exist for fixing or preventing the potholes and cracks plaguing their local streets. The level ... Read More

  • Engineering Woman Makes a Difference

    Maraliese Beveridge

    As March marks Women in History month, notable women from around the world are celebrated and honored for their accomplishments. Some emerge as leaders throughout their careers, and at Maser Consulting P.A., one such woman has been standing out within our industry and in the lives of others: Hanifa Johnson. Born and raised in Newark, Hanifa discovered ... Read More