• Hydro-Raking Demarest Pond

    View of Demarest Pond
    Maraliese Beveridge

    Sometimes, you come across a project shot that is just so pretty you have to share it! This is Demarest Pond in the Borough of Demarest, NJ, and it just received a Project of the Year Honor Award from the NJ Society of Municipal Engineers in the Municipal Management Project category. This hidden gem is ... Read More

  • My Name is SUE

    SUE rendering
    Maraliese Beveridge

    Subsurface Utility Engineering: Finding Hidden Infrastructure Beneath the ground, subsurface utilities weave intricate pathways of water, electric, sewer, gas, drainage, and communication lines. But even with the most vigilant maintenance programs, the eventual repair or replacement of these subterranean utilities is inevitable. So, while above ground infrastructure has the advantage of visual inspection, what about ... Read More

  • Client Communication and Doing It Right!

    Maser Consulting

    Communication is Key Everything you do in the workplace results from communication. Whether you want to secure an interview or advance your career, communication is at the heart of it. The tricky part about this whole “communication” thing for us Millennials, is that we HATE talking to people. So, the fact that our careers are ... Read More

  • Mobile LiDAR Safety: Birth of an SOP

    Maraliese Beveridge

    Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). We all know what they are and many of us have to follow them as part of company policy. While many SOPs are written as a result of someone getting hurt on the job—other times they happen because of circumstance. Either way, developing them in advance is the proactive way to ensure ... Read More

  • Mentor Programs and Doing Them Right

    discussing mentoring goals
    Maser Consulting

    Superheroes and Mentors are Basically the Same Thing Remember when you were a kid, you would sit on the floor, your face just inches from the TV, watching your favorite superheroes save the world? You’d think to yourself, “Dang, when I grow up, I want to be JUST LIKE the red Power Ranger.” Adulting is ... Read More

  • Maser Consulting’s Alexis Eades Talks Women’s Equality and Female Empowerment!

    Alexis Eades

    From the Beginning In high school, when I took my first business class, I was told men were naturally better at business than women because women are too emotional. I knew it wasn’t true, and yet also knew many people shared that teacher’s opinion. Despite the fact I was told this at age 16, in ... Read More