Benjamin Franklin Bridge Main Cable Investigation

City of Philadelphia, PA & City of Camden, Camden County, NJ

Maser Consulting, as a subconsultant to Thornton Tomasetti, conducted asbestos, lead-based paint, and hazardous materials evaluations and abatement design for the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (BFB), a suspension bridge spanning the Delaware River. The project entailed inspecting and assessing the main cables, which are internally lubricated with lead paste, and evaluating and designing improvements and expansion of the dehumidification systems, which required evaluations of portions of the bridge towers and anchorages. Five cable panels were selected for the inspections, which required removing the security shields and cable bands, unwrapping the lead-paste coated cables, and wedging and inspecting the cables.

Our professionals were responsible for developing a project work plan for addressing potential lead and asbestos hazards that were anticipated during the inspection program, developing methods for safely removing the lead paste from the cables during the inspections, and developing a project-specific health and safety plan. Our personnel instituted the sampling and analysis program aimed at identifying the asbestos-containing and lead-containing materials that will be affected by the construction project, and identifying hazardous materials requiring proper management. The results of the investigations were compiled into a project report. We also prepared plans and specifications for abating the asbestos, lead paint and hazardous materials. Our current role is responding to inquiries during the bidding process.

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