PROJECT TYPE: Local Government Utilities

Sewer Collection Inventory & Management Program

Hamilton Township, Mercer County, NJ

GIS mapping services were provided to convert CAD and manually-drawn Township sewer collection system maps into GIS digital format.  Manholes and piping were digitized using ESRI, ArcINFO™.  Using a standard utility data model, GIS Specialists added attribute information from the existing As-Built maps.  The Township provided as-built plans and road construction strip maps which were used as guidance data.  The manually-drawn as-builts and strip maps were scanned and attached to road segments, enabling Township staff to view the original drawings when selecting the digital sewer system asset.

The data was reviewed for accuracy and completeness. The sewer collection system was then divided into project areas to allow for inspection work to be performed.  Trimble GPS mobile units were set up with the sanitary sewer collection system GIS layers.  A digital inspection form was created for the field inspectors within the GPS unit, and as the inspector approached a manhole, the inspection form would be activated. Drop down lists and text entry fields were available for the field inspector to fill out as manhole lids were removed for internal inspection.  The inspector also verified the x,y location of the manholes, which automatically updates within the GIS asset management program.

Photographs were taken of each manhole, and CCTV imaging was collected for pipe runs.  These photographs and videos were linked to the manhole and pipes.  All of this information is being made accessible in the Township’s web-based GIS asset management program.


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