PROJECT TYPE: Local Government

Stuyvesant Avenue Streetscape

Union Township, Union County, NJ

Stuyvesant Avenue has served as a major retail corridor in Union Township since the founding of the municipality. As part of a redevelopment plan to transform its downtown into a more dynamic, walkable area, the Township retained Maser Consulting to provide design and construction services for a streetscape project along Stuyvesant Avenue. The updated design incorporated new concrete and paver sidewalks, new concrete curb, underdrains, street trees, refurbished decorative lighting, green space, and street furniture to create a safe environment for pedestrians, as well as a more attractive and inviting space for residents and shoppers. Phase I, which was built in 2017, runs from Morris Avenue to Vauxhall Road. Phase II, which was completed in 2018, runs from Morris Avenue to Elmwood Avenue.

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  • Construction Inspection & Administration
  • Land Survey
  • Municipal Services