56th Street Water Main Reconstruction & Green Design

City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

The water lines supplying water to houses and businesses on 56th Street were approaching the end of their useful life. Because pipe breakages and system failures can present significant inconvenience and water service disruption to customers, Philadelphia Water proactively installed new water pipes below the streets to increase service reliability.

Maser Consulting professionals provided base mapping and design services for the reconstruction of 2,656 LF of water mains in a variety of sizes, including 8”, 12”, 30”, and 48” mains. Services included CADD drafting of survey points, City plans, water block plans, Philadelphia Gas Works plans, Philadelphia Electric Company plans, Verizon plans, and various other utilities to assemble complete and accurate project plans. The scope of work included water design services including layout of water mains to Philadelphia Water standards; green stormwater infrastructure design; coordination with utilities to limit conflicts; preparation of quantity estimates; and input into the City’s Guaranteed Paving Information System (GPIS).

To read more about Philadelphia’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure, click here.


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