Advanced Technology

Maser Consulting offers a UAS measurement service that utilizes professional grade-UAS flight platforms combined with advanced sensors and data processing to deliver high-value client solutions.  The benefit to our clients, our UAS services work seamlessly with your existing workflows to achieve an overall data solution in a safe and cost effective manner.

  • FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots
  • Flight Operations Manual & Checklists
  • UAS Pilot Certification & Recertification
  • UAS Maintenance & Inspection Program
  • Over 20,000 hours UAS Flight Time
  • Industry Leading Sensor Technology
  • Key Industry & Academic Partnerships
  • Terrestrial & Mobile LiDAR Integration
  • Unequaled Sensor Data Processing

Power Utilities

Our comprehensive power utility UAS services provide data solutions from generation through distribution. Maser Consulting’s industry leading LiDAR provides terrestrial scans of substations, mobile scans of urban distribution and UAS scans of remote high-voltage transmission.

  • Transmission Asset Imagery Inspection
  • Transmission Construction Inspection
  • Transmission LiDAR Vegetation Clearance
  • Gas Transmission Leak Detection
  • Radiological Surveys
  • Generation Asset Baseline LiDAR scans
  • Solar Panel & Wind Blade Inspection
  • Distribution Inspection with Mobile LiDAR
  • Industry Deliverable (PLSCADD, ArcGIS)
  • NERC Cyber Security Data Compliance
  • Coal Ash Residual Remediation Support
  • Corona, Thermal & Hyperspectral Sensors

Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry demands high-technology solutions that can be rapidly deployed in a safe and cost effective manner. Maser Consulting is up to this challenge and deploys industry-specific workflows and UAS sensors to support development of our fossil resources.

  • Midstream Methane Leak Detection
  • LiDAR Corridor Mapping
  • LiDAR Mapping of Compressor Stations
  • Pipeline Corridor Inspection
  • Well Pad Storage Leak Detection
  • Well Pad LiDAR & Imagery Mapping
  • Asset Inspection & Baseline Inventory
  • Environmental Inspection & Evaluation
  • Well Pad/Corridor Mitigation Confirmation
  • FERC Environmental Study Support


Maser Consulting experts have decades of experience in environmental compliance, site investigation and remediation. This experience is brought to our UAS services to provide scientific evaluation of environmental conditions that is accurate, quantifiable and repeatable. Our UAS sensor technologies are designed to reduce investigation costs and provide a higher level of overall project safety.

  • Mine Site Investigation & Cleanup
  • Noxious Weed Identification & Mitigation
  • Habitat Assessment & Vegetation Analysis
  • Unexploded Ordnance Magnetometer Survey
  • Abandoned Uranium Mine Gamma Surveys
  • Landfill Methane Monitoring
  • Soil Excavation & Removal Quantification
  • Radiological Investigation & Cleanup
  • Spill Assessment & Quantification

Emergency Response

Maser Consulting is a strategic partner for numerous US state, county and city law enforcement and emergency management agencies. We provide support ranging from ground-up program development through onsite tactical UAS assistance. Maser Consulting’s law enforcement programs have a proven ROI and community support.

  • UAS Collision & Crime Scene Forensics
  • FAA UAS Training & Equipment Selection
  • SWAT & Tactical Unit UAS Support Training
  • Arson & Firefighting UAS Support Training
  • Emergency Management/Disaster Response
  • Software Support & Training
  • Emergency Medial Delivery Development
  • UAS Platform Procurement & Consultation
  • LiDAR Mapping of Vehicular Accidents