Clear Communication

Nearly every telecommunication site requires some form of structural analysis for both new site builds and existing site upgrades. Whether it’s a tower antenna, rooftop equipment or an entire water tank that needs to be analyzed, Maser Consulting has a dedicated telecommunications team that is backed by a comprehensive set of in-house engineering disciplines licensed nationwide. As with any telecommunications site that requires structural engineering, this element of the design is one of the most critical. A structural analysis can confirm an equipment or antenna location or suggest modifications or relocation to create a structurally viable solution.

Maser Consulting has completed thousands of structural analyses for new loading conditions on all types of telecommunication installation structures nationwide; including but not limited to rooftops, water tanks, towers, tree poles, transmission towers, clock towers, steeples, interior structures, screen walls, temp sites, cell-on-wheels (COW) and countless others.  Our portfolio includes structural analysis and design for masonry, wood, steel, concrete, and FRP structures.  With our in house expertise we are able to provide structural design from foundations and retaining wall structures at grade to support framing design and reinforcement including antenna mount and equipment platform design for placement in almost any location on any type of structure.

Clients Served

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Sprint