• Your First Day of Work & Doing It Right

    bulls eye target
    Maser Consulting

    First Day of Work, Ever Welcome back to “Am I Doing This Right?” where I share all my cringe-worthy moments on the Internet for your benefit. You’re welcome. Today, we’re talking about the first day of work at my very first job and the lesson I carry with me all thanks to an angry customer ... Read More

  • Say Hi to the Highlands Center Designation

    Maraliese Beveridge

    There’s an adage that says “When building is good, the economy is good.” And that’s no lie since it seems like construction is going on everywhere you look. In urban areas where space is at a premium, new buildings are being built out of old. In local downtowns, it seems every last space is being ... Read More

  • Am I Interviewing Right?

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    Maser Consulting

    Interview Horror Story Before I landed this sweet gig, I went through several rigorous interviews, phone screenings and personality tests for other companies. Many of them had me asking, “Am I doing this right?” But one haunts me to this day, creeping up on me just as I’m about to fall asleep and causing me ... Read More